Smoke-Free Environment at Hotel Gantry: Breathe Easy in a Smoke-Free Setting

Smoke-Free Environment at Hotel Gantry: Breathe Easy in a Smoke-Free Setting

At Hotel Gantry, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of all our guests. We are proud to provide a smoke-free environment throughout our hotel, ensuring a clean and fresh atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Here is information about our smoke-free policy:

  1. Smoke-Free Rooms:
    All our rooms at Hotel Gantry are designated as smoke-free. This means that smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited inside the rooms. We have taken this measure to create a pleasant and healthy environment for all our guests.
  2. Designated Smoking Areas:
    While smoking is not allowed in our rooms, we do provide designated smoking areas outside the hotel premises. These designated areas ensure that guests who smoke have a dedicated space to do so, while also minimizing any inconvenience or discomfort for non-smoking guests.
  3. Benefits of a Smoke-Free Environment:
    By maintaining a smoke-free environment, we aim to provide numerous benefits for our guests. These include cleaner air quality, reduced health risks associated with secondhand smoke, and a more pleasant overall experience for everyone staying at our hotel.
  4. Enforcement of Smoke-Free Policy:
    Our smoke-free policy is strictly enforced to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests. Any violation of the policy may result in appropriate measures being taken, including additional cleaning fees or, in severe cases, being asked to leave the premises.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our smoke-free policy. By doing so, you contribute to the well-being and enjoyment of all our guests.

At Hotel Gantry, we are committed to providing a comfortable and healthy environment for all our guests. If you have any questions or require further information regarding our smoke-free policy, please do not hesitate to contact our front desk staff. We look forward to welcoming you to a smoke-free experience at Hotel Gantry.

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